What Is CBD Gum?

CBD gum is one of the latest trends on the market in CBD since it enables users to consume CBD oil and reap its benefits all in the form of a handy piece of gum. This is achieved by the fact that the gum itself is infused with CBD oil, making it a new and innovative way to take the cannabidiol! But what else is there to know about CBD gum?

Why Is CBD Gum A Good Idea?

Perhaps one of the biggest appeals of CBD gum is its discreet nature which enables users to consume CBD gum without drawing attention to themselves since it acts and looks just like ordinary gum. The nature of CBD infused gum is also fantastic because it makes the consumption of CBD oil somewhat more convenient when you’re on the move and looking to ease pain or soothe symptoms of anxiety. What’s more, due to the nature of the gum in comparison to other CBD edibles, CBD gum creates a pro-longed and more sustainable release of CBD into your blood flow since chewing gum is a longer and more sustained process in comparison to the consumption of other edibles. All whilst doing this, CBD gum still boasts the typical benefits of ordinary chewing gum.

How Does It Work?

By chewing CBD infused gum, your body absorbs the CBD in two ways - one of these being quicker than the other. Firstly, the saliva becomes infused with CBD and this can be absorbed under a thin layer of skin beneath your tongue, enabling it to quickly reach your bloodstream. Alternatively, this saliva can be absorbed by being swallowed and digested, meaning it still reaches the bloodstream but just at a slower pace. Once it does this, you can begin to feel and reap the benefits of CBD gum.

What Are The Benefits of CBD gum?

There are plenty of benefits of chewing CBD gum opposed to normal gum.

Where Can I Buy CBD gum?

The only regulations as to who can sell CBD gum is that the retailer must be properly licensed and have gained permission from the Home Office to do so, unless they are retailing it as a health supplement. Under these regulations, CBD gum is readily available both online and in supplement and other stores to be purchased. Unlike its counterpart which contains THC and is illegal, there are far fewer restrictions on how and when you can buy and use CBD gum. Although, we do recommend doing your research and choosing a reputable and trusted retailer to buy your CBD gum in order to remain safe.

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